Summer Term 2019

posted 2 Apr 2019, 03:12 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

Enrolments for those currently in the Swim School and wishing to return for the Summer Term, will take place at the pool from Monday 8th to Saturday 14th April 2019 inclusive during our normal working hours (available on the website).  The normal cost will be £62.15 for an 11 week term, and £56.50 for those on a Monday a 10 week term, as we are closed on the May Bank Holiday.

The Summer term will commence from Monday 29th April 2019

Welcome Back

posted 4 Jan 2019, 11:22 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

Trusting that you had a good Christmas and New Year we welcome you back for lessons commencing on Manday 7th January 2018


posted 15 Dec 2018, 08:50 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

The Swim School is now closed for the Christmas Break.  I will open the office when I return.  May we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Saturday 15th December 2018

posted 14 Dec 2018, 01:42 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford   [ updated 14 Dec 2018, 01:43 ]

Tomorrow, Saturday 15th December 2018, will be last opportunity for those currently in classes to book and pay for next term.  I will be at the pool to accept payment from 9.00 am until approximately 11.15 am.

I will be having, due to the current low demand, to close down some of the classesif the places are not sold.

Parking during lessons

posted 3 Dec 2018, 06:34 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

Walton High School have, in an effort to reduce the amount of mud being tracked into the facilities, NOT TO PARK ON THE GRASSED AREAS with the school grounds.  They in turn will be making efforts to clear the enrance area, both internal and external, of mud and dirt so that our facilty remains cleaner and mud free. 

Please park on the hardstanding when arriving for lessons, these can be found around the Pool/Gymnasium Facility.

Enrolments for the Spring Term 2019

posted 19 Nov 2018, 02:57 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford   [ updated 19 Nov 2018, 02:59 ]

The above will take place at the pool from Monday 10th December 2018 to Thursday 13th December 2018 and on Saturday 15th December 2018 inclusive during our normal working hours.  The cost for the 13 week term that will commence from Monday 7th January 2019 will be £73.45, where appropriate discounts, for the lose of lessons this term due to the pool not being ready for use at the correct time, have been applied to your accounts.

Failure to book and pay during this period could mean the permanent lose of your swimming place/places

Office Closed for Hal-Term

posted 26 Oct 2018, 05:22 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

Please note that the office is now closed until Monday 5th November 2018

Half Term Closure

posted 11 Oct 2018, 04:15 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

We will be closed for the Autumn Half Term from Monday 28th October to Saturday 3rd November 2018 inclusive

Pool Re-opens on Monday 10th September

posted 6 Sep 2018, 06:24 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

I have received an email today from Walton High stating that the pool will re-open for lessons on Monday 10th September 2018.  See you all next week.

Pool Remains Closed

posted 4 Sep 2018, 03:43 by Dolphin Swim School Stafford

Following a very disappointing comversation with Walton High, I must tell you that the pool will remain closed for week commencing Monday 3rd September 2018, our first week back.  At this time they are unable/unwilling to state what the problem is, although they have stated that a lot of work has been carried out during the Summer Break ... no consolation to us this week.  Once again, please accept my apologies for the unreliability of the facility we use.

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