Welcome to Dolphin Swim School Stafford.

 Thank you for visiting our website, and I hope that the information here will be of use to you.  Should you require further information, please  send me an Email or call on the number shown above.

                           We provide swimming lessons for children only

Please note that, in general, I will normally be in my office Monday to Thursday between 10.00am and 2.00pm and contactable on the mobile number shown above.  At other times, or if I am unavailable, you are able to leave a message, send a text or email, and I will get back to you as soon as practically possible.
Our aim is to assist the individual child to achieve their personal swimming goals, to the best of their abilities and potential, wherever and whenever possible.  This may mean recommending that they attend, in the future, a club for Competition Swimming, such as Stafford Apex, or a club in one of the other Aquatic Disciplines.

We are registered with Swim England (previously known as the Amateur Swimming Association (ASA)) as a Member Swim School. As such my company details appear on their website at www.swimming.org then select Swim England, then select Clubs & Members, then click on Swim Schools in the top left box, then select Swim Schools A-Z in the centre box and then follow the links to Dolphin Swim School Stafford.

I, and all of my staff, are therefore committed to, and abide by, the:
  • Swim England Code of Ethics
  • Swim England Code of Conduct
  • Swim England Child Welfare in Swimming
  • The Child Protection and The Sexual Offences Against Children Acts
  • Safeguarding and Protecting Children
To assist us in the teaching, and assist in the learning, of swimming we employ the National Plan for Teaching Swimming 2007.  This is broken into three main phases within Dolphins', they are "Introduction Classes", "FUNdamentals" and "Swim Skills".  The aim is to allow the swimmers to achieve to the best of their ability through the use of fun and games.  This is something that we have always used at Dolphins', and find that if the swimmers are enjoying themselves they are more willing to try new things and succeed.

About the Swim School

I own and operate a small private Swim School which opened in 1991, and has run continually since then.  We hire the facilities at:

Walton High School
The Rise,
Walton on the Hill
ST17 0LJ
Google Maps Link

We operate at the school pool, during term time only, Monday to Thursday after school has finished and also on Saturday mornings. We are, therefore, closed during all of the major holidays and also during the half-term breaks (it should be noted that those attending classes on a Saturday will work the first Saturday of the half-term, whilst we are closed on the second Saturday).  Our term is normally based on twelve (12) week courses (please see "Term Dates" above for full details of the Term/Holidays), but we run to the school's availability. 

The pool is an older one and the depth ranges from three feet (0.9m) to five feet nine inches (1.73m), and is seventeen metres (17m) by eight metres (8m) in size, and it last underwent some refurbishment in Summer 2009.  All the equipment needed to teach your child to swim will be provided by us.  I ask that you provide a towel, a suitable costume for your child and a waterproof nappy (if applicable), and that long hair be in a hat or tied back (as a minimum). 
Anyone who has long hair should wear a Swimming Hat, as we encourage the swimmers to have their faces in the water from an early stage.  For them, there is nothing worse than putting their face in the water and then getting hair in the mouth, eyes, ears and stuck to their face, when they lift their head out of the water. 

We do not encourage the use of Swimming Goggles in the early stages of learning.  It is better that initially swimmers should learn to be comfortable with opening their eyes under water without them.  Logically, and I strongly believe that, swimming is an essential life skill, and the first time you are under the water without goggles should not be when facing a real life emergency e.g. falling in a canal, river or lake, a first time experience which may then induce panic even in those who can swim!

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